Being the largest and fastest growing social media platform on the planet, Facebook is especially important for digital marketing because it spans across demographics. While Instagram skews young and Twitter favors influencers, Facebook is dominated by potential customers of all ages – meaning Facebook ads can reach anyone if targeted effectively.

Top brands swear by Facebook advertising, but many small companies have been burned and walked away after failing to get the results they wanted. These struggling campaigns may have been undone by a simple lack of best practices that make any Facebook ad campaign stand out. Whether you are a new small business or a major brand looking to expand, Facebook ads can give you an edge in this crowded market.

If you want to optimize your Facebook ad campaign, a full-service digital marketing firm like shoppazdigest can help. Here at Shoppaz Digest, we’re taking on new clients and are ready to develop a Facebook marketing approach that precisely targets your customer base. Read on to discover the key reasons to focus on improving your Facebook advertising.

Why You Need to Focus on Improving Facebook Ads

1. More Return on Your Investment (ROI)

Facebook is the most affordable platform for advertising of all the social media platforms. You can set your budget at the start of the campaign, and Facebook will give you the most effective ad campaign possible based on your price range and desired market. The higher your budget, the bigger your audience, but even a high-roller Facebook ad campaign will be cheap compared to a print or TV ad blitz.

2. Your Customer Base Is on Facebook

Whatever your audience, you can bet they’re on Facebook. With over two billion accounts and 1.5 billion using the platform regularly, there’s no other platform that offers this level of access. The average active Facebook user spends forty minutes a day on the platform, so there’s no better opportunity to expose people to your product.

3. Facebook Data Equals Better Targeting

Facebook regularly collects data from its users including age, gender, location, employment, marital status, and interests. You can use these factors to filter people into groups of likely customers. Rather than releasing a mass ad blitz at everyone on the platform, Facebook advertising targets those most likely to be interested in your product.

4. Facebook Ad Manager Is Easy to Use

Facebook Ad Manager is a one-stop solution for ad design that even a first-time advertiser can use. It guides you through the design process, helps you define your audience, and lets you set your budget and the length of the campaign. It’s highly customizable with multiple formats, platforms, and metrics for payment.

5. You Choose How You Pay

Most Facebook ad campaigns are pay-per-click models like most online odds. However, Facebook stands apart for offering alternate methods including pay-per-impression, pay-per-like, and pay-per-action for campaigns with different purposes.

6. In-House Analytics

If you’re running your own ad campaign across the internet, you must invest in data analysis software to track your progress. Facebook cuts out that middleman by providing you with detailed data about the impressions, reach, and click-throughs your ads get. The real-time metrics allow you to change a struggling campaign mid-stream and an advertising agency can help you with the analysis.

7. Facebook Offers Video Ads

The most successful ads on Facebook are automatically playing videos. These grab the attention of users as they scroll because the sudden movement stands out. Once a viewer stops to check the video for a few seconds, that’s an extra opportunity to grab their attention and sell them on your product.

Facebook–Your One-Stop Shop for Brand Awareness

Facebook’s advertising system lets even the smallest businesses get a foot in the door, and top companies find it one of the most lucrative sites for sales. If you’re ready to take your Facebook ad campaign to the next level, a full-service digital marketing firm can help. Contact Shoppaz Digest to schedule a free strategy call today.