Having a platform to communicate with your audience is one key to a successful business. Some may argue that it’s unnecessary, but many have proven that idea is correct. Having a platform equals more eyes on your content equals more loyal customers.

And one of the most common platforms to choose is social media. Social media marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies out there. It’s also one of the most unsuccessful.

So how do you use social media successfully in your marketing? One way is through a Facebook group.

In this article, you will learn why having a Facebook group is an outstanding idea, how to start and grow one, and how to make it part of your social media marketing strategy.

Why Facebook Groups?

“Do I have to have a Facebook group?”

That’s a commonly asked question in the social media world. The answer is no. But, by having a Facebook group, you can grow your target audience organically, or without paid ads.

A Facebook group enables you to sift through those asking to join your group. You can accept or decline anyone, thus making it easy to narrow down on your target audience.

With a Facebook group, you can schedule posts. So if you’re moving out of town or have other obligations that would keep you from posting regularly, you can set it up in advance and schedule when the posts go out.

You have a little more liberty in a Facebook group to post about promotions or your own products or services. Do that on your personal timeline and you risk getting your account suspended.

You’re limited in what you can share in other Facebook groups, but having your own Facebook group gives you the liberty to share with your audience what you think is helpful to them.

So how do you start and grow your own group?

Growing from 0 to 100 People

To begin, create your group and put some content in it. You can post or do a few Facebook lives. It really doesn’t matter as long as it’s helpful. You also want a welcome video or post with the rules stated.

You want some good content in the group before you invite anyone to join so it doesn’t feel like a ghost town when they do. And once you have people join your Facebook group, be sure to post regularly.

After you have some good content, reach out to 100 to 150 people via Facebook Messenger who you think would find value by being in your group.

Send a message using their first name and that lets them know you started a new Facebook group. Tell them you want to kick it off with some exceptional superstar founding members and would be honored if they joined. Then share the link to your group.

You will have all sorts of responses. Some people will completely ignore your message, some will say no, and others will say yes.

But, if done correctly, this should get your group to about 100 people within the first 48 hours.

Growing from 100 to 400 People

The strategy to get from 100 to 400 group members takes place on your personal page. It’s recommended to use a page rather than your personal timeline because doing this on your timeline can lead to having your account suspended, whereas the risk is gone by using a page.

It’s called a yes ladder post. Have something valuable to give away for free, for example, an ebook, and create a post talking about it and how it or the information has helped you.

Then at the end of the post ask if they want it for free and have them comment ‘yes’. Answer every comment with a distinct response, sharing the link to your group where they can get the gift.

Your group should continue growing over time just with this one post.

Growing from 400 to 1000 People

Growing your group to 1000 people and beyond requires you to set up your personal Facebook profile as a funnel.

Create a cover photo that shows people exactly what you do and how you can help them. The cover photo acts as a landing page with a button and an offer for a free gift. A splendid example would be a free cheat sheet for your niche.

When people click on it, there’s a link in the description that leads them to your Facebook group where you give them their gift.

This is something that will work repeatedly as people click on your profile, see your cover photo, and join your group.


Having a Facebook group is a fun and effective way to use social media in your marketing strategies. It also helps establish you as an expert in your niche and helps you create or grow your brand.

And now that you know how to start and grow one, you can grow your audience with which to share valuable content, build trust, and create loyal customers.