1.) Having the right Network Marketing mindset:

First, know that network marketing is a business and you have to treat it that way. Go ALL IN with no excuses and negativity.

Whenever you find yourself in front of the obstacle or a challenge, don’t start with negativity, like: “I can’t do this.” Sure you can, you just have to focus on the solution.

Instead of saying you can’t do it—start asking yourself good questions: “How can I overcome this obstacle, what do I have to do?” Do you see the difference?

Another important part of network marketing tips that guarantee success is that you work on your mindset DAILY. Yes, every day you have to read personal development books or you could listen to audiobooks. Whatever is easier for you—do that for 30 min per day. That way you will start shaping your mindset to be positive.

Start today—and remember—no excuses.

2.) Learn how to use Social Media Marketing:

By now you probably saw many people succeeding with social media marketing. But how do they know what to do? They learned from online network marketing courses and as a result; they are seeing massive success.

Yes, it’s true, invest in that too (hey, no excuses). You can’t expect to succeed with no knowledge. It’s the same with school and a job. What kind of job can you get without high school, college, or university? Exactly, not an excellent one.

Ok now that we got that covered—where can you learn? There are a ton of great courses out there, but over the past few years investing in them, I found that these are the best. This amazing lady boss builds multiple six-figure companies and she is just the sweetest person on the planet. That is why I’m recommending her courses, so check them out HERE.

Now it’s time for some profitable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  • Be consistent (post every day – no, there is no weekends and day off’s)
  • Write interesting and extraordinary posts (be different – think outside the box)
  • Talk about your story – inspire people (there is no such thing as a boring story)
  • 80-20 rule: 80% of your posts should be value, funny, lifestyle – 20% business
  • Talk with people in messenger (be their friend, make them laugh & help them)
  • Don’t give up if you don’t see results fast (keep going my friend)
  • Have fun (this is important because people will feel your energy)

There is another question that a lot of marketers ask: “Which social media platform should I use for my network marketing business?”

Know who your targeted audience is. To help you with that, check this video below (P.s.: I wouldn’t mind if you would subscribe to my Youtube Channel 🙂 )

3.) It’s not about you – it’s about them:

When you are selling something, you have to focus on the good of your prospect or customer. Stop thinking about how much profit you will make because you will actually scare the customer away – therefore your profit will be zero, zilch, nada.

Remember the last time someone was selling a product to you. If they were pushy (obviously because they were in it for money) – you probably didn’t buy anything, right?

But if they were asking you the right questions and being really interested in you and your needs, then they made a sale.

4.) Don’t fake it till you make it:

This part of network marketing tips that guarantee success is SUPER important! Don’t do it even if your mentor told you to.

I have to be honest – I did this mistake a long time ago. Worst mistake ever (besides spamming and not being consistent). What leaders mean by “Fake it till you make it” – is that you show your lifestyle.

Show what you do daily, tell people the benefits of being in network marketing business. But don’t lie about your results because you will get a bad reputation fast. Do you want that? No? I thought so 😉

5.) Start doing video marketing:

STOP! Don’t run away because making videos is not scary. The more you practice the better you will become. Stop worrying what others will say and remember that you are doing this for your success.

If you’re on Facebook then you already know what Facebook Live Videos are. But if you never used that tool and you don’t know how to be successful with it, then grab your Free Facebook Live Video Guide Here.

You don’t even need expensive lights and camera to do it. Just make sure people can see you, hear you and that you deliver amazing value.

Still scared? Start working on your confidence. You will need it everywhere in your network marketing business.

6.) Believe in yourself:

With working on your mindset you will improve this part too. But many people think that they first have to see results, then they will believe they are able to succeed.

Did you ever hear someone say: “Ask, believe, receive” Let’s break this down:

  • Ask: You have to ask for what you want – that means you have to know exactly what you want and write down those goals
  • Believe: it means you have to believe in yourself and in achieving the goals (even if they are still far away)
  • Receive: Achieving your goals

This next part of network marketing tips that guarantee success is…

7.) Have a great attitude:

What is a great attitude in network marketing? To sum it up it’s positive, happy and grateful. Probably some of you just said: “Grateful?!? For what?!? For not seeing results in my business?!?”

You should be grateful for being alive, for opening your eyes in the morning, for your family & friends, for having a business and the opportunity…and I could go on and on. The more you’ll be grateful – the more you will have in life. Yes, even more profit in your network marketing business because it is all connected.

Your attitude is one of network marketing tips that guarantee success. You attract who you are, how you feel and what energy you are giving away. That’s why you have to read personal development books every day.

8.) Never quit:

There will be obstacles testing you if you have what it takes to be a leader in network marketing. Maybe your mentor will quit or join another opportunity, your won’t see results right away and you will probably invest a lot of time but in return you won’t see the increase of profit.

If this is already happening to you – KEEP GOING! Remember this: If you quit, you will have to do this all over again…and again, and again, and again. Do you want that? Then suck it up buttercup 😉 You got this!