Facebook post examples to share on your business page
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Facebook Post Ideas for Your Business Page

1. Polls

Creating a poll on Facebook is quite easy and a great way to add a little fun to your page – or to get some constructive feedback from your followers.

Over on my lifestyle blog’s Facebook page, Put The Kettle On I use polls to get engagement but to also learn about my audience.

When you are setting up a poll on your Facebook page you can give your audience the option of 2 answers.

To set up you simply:

  • Add a corresponding image or gif
  • Select the length of time for the poll (Options are: 1 day, 1 week, never or custom). I usually go with 1 week.
  • Then hit ‘share now

If you want to set up a poll in a Facebook group, the functionality is a little different.

You can ask a question and provide multiple answers that people vote on. There isn’t a photo/gif option like Facebook pages, but the polls in Facebook groups allow you to collect even more useful information from your followers.

2. Facebook Lives

Facebook live videos are such an amazing way to connect with your audience, so they can have a deeper look at the person behind the business.

I am sharing two fantastic examples of women who do a superb job with their Facebook live videos.

Paula @ I’m Busy Being Awesome does two things really well with her Facebook lives.

  1. She is extremely motivating and provides inspiration to her audience on topics such as health and wellness, self care and productivity.
  2. She provides actionable tips to her readers. Tips they can take away, try and actually see results quickly.Kristen @ Shifting Roots is extremely relatable to her gardening audience and uses her Facebook lives as tutorials.These ‘how to’ videos are so helpful for beginner and more advanced gardeners alike.Kristen’s focus on Facebook lives and other engaging content on per Facebook page has put her in the position to be on a major Canadian news network (Global News) as the seed starting expert. Congrats Kristen!3. Create Your Own Memes

    Many of us share funny memes across the internet, but have you ever thought of creating your own? Simple programs like Canva or PicMonkey make it super easy to make your own graphics – especially since they have templates set up for all social media sizes.

    4. Provide a Quick Tip

    Whatever your Facebook page is about, that will most certainly make you an expert in a given area. Use this forum to help your followers with a few valuable tips from time to time.

    Providing a tip without a link to your website tells your audience that you are only posting to provide a solution for them – not to get something in return!

    5. Do an Introduction of Yourself

    People are joining your Facebook page all the time, so when was the last time you did a little introduction to tell your followers more about yourself, your business and how you can help them?

    What could you include in your introduction?

    • A recent photo of you.
    • Mention your mission for your blog/business/product/service and how you can help your followers.
    • Call out something unique or fun about you – your obsession with lollypops, your love of travel or your fear of heights. This lets your audience see the real you.
    • Include a few tips and tricks to help your audience.
    • Don’t be shy about telling a personal story.
    • Be yourself. If you were introducing yourself to someone – how would you do it?

    6. Share a Quote

    Are there words or quotes that inspire you or will inspire your followers? Go ahead and share and ask for feedback from your followers on their favourite quotes.

    People love to contribute to the conversation to make it easy for them.

    7. An Inspirational Video

    When sharing videos that are motivational or inspiring still make sure that the content fits in with your overall Facebook page theme.

    Staying ‘on brand’ with all content is still important so people don’t get confused by your page.

    Now, sharing videos that are going viral or that you really connect with is a great way to increase your reach substantially!

    Video content in general always reaches more people than other types of content – so take advantage of this.

    8. Ask a Question

    Yes, this is a little similar to setting up a poll, but it allows your followers to articulate their full answers properly.

    This is ideal to get direct feedback on a specific topic.

    You can also ask a fun question that encourages people to respond with a GIF.

    9. Share a Photo

    If you have your Instagram account connected to your Facebook account this is extremely simple.

    10. When in Doubt Ask About the Weather!

    I really am not sure why people love talking about the weather so much, but you can’t deny that it’s true! I am also a self-proclaimed weather junkie, so if there is a question about the weather on Facebook, you can be sure I’ll be answering it!

    Asking about something as simple as the weather actually connects people. It’s also an easy forum to chat about the simple things in life. Indeed a great way to engage your audience.